Having restored the only 550 Spyder (#0056) to ever come to Australia, I wanted to build another. As these rare Porsche Race Cars number, no more than 90, and their dollar value seems to increase by almost one million (USD) per year it was always going to be a slim chance that another genuine spyder would ever fall on my lap for restoration ever again. So over a twenty year period, and by chance, i was able to buy swap and sell my way to parts data and the information I needed.
The great thing about restoring a car like the 550 Spyder is that you are introduced into a subculture of specialist restorers, collectors, and people who have been in the early Porsche race car business for many years. Some have become personal friends and between us we share knowledge, data and our expertise. My 550 Spyder project is a reflection of that interaction and during this build you will see how that has manifested into the project build we will share on BTW.

Along the way, we will show anecdotal archive pictures from the build, together with new technology and tools as they have been harnessed and integrated into the 550 Spyder re- creation program.
We hope you will follow this project through to its completion.