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Brian Tanti is Without Peer & Certainly the Best I Have Ever Seen

– Lord Elgin, World President of the 20-Ghost Club, the oldest Rolls Royce club in the world.

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Sheet metal sculptor: BTW Featured In Robb Report

Stretching, shrinking, smoothing – renowned coachbuilder Brian Tanti moulds metal for exquisite classic car restorations.   By Tony Davis It’s called an English wheel and, back when most car bodies were shaped by hand, it was at the very heart of the art. How a...

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BTW hosts the Porsche Club of NSW

On the 12th of March Brian Tanti’s Workshop hosted the Porsche Club of NSW. 93 members turned out to hear Brian speak about his history and restoring the cars in the Fox Car Collection as well as the ongoing projects in the Artarmon facility, most notably for the...

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HSV Owners Club of NSW Visits BTW

On Tuesday 9th April, HSV Owners Club of NSW attended Brian Tanti’s Workshop in Artarmon. What an amazing place this is! 40 members attended this awesome night. Brian and his team shared with us how this very special workshop operates with so many of the...

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Brian Tanti’s Workshop

From Zero-to-Go on car culture across the globe.

Brian brings you top quality reviews on rare and unique motor vehicles from around the world, including classic cars and a sneak peek into the future of motoring.

“Test drives, Design, Engineering, Coachbuilding”

Listen to interviews with car collectors and enthusiasts, car club features and valuable updates on automotive techniques direct from the workshop floor.  You’ll be kept up-to-date on new and progressive techniques in engineering, as well as highly detailed product reviews.

“Restoration tips and advice on all things automotive from industry professionals”

Consider yourself treated to reviews and news-worthy stories on car exhibitions and shows from around the world.  Brian delves into the story behind each car: including its history and tale of evolution. Brian follows the progress of the restoration of rare motor vehicles in his own unique way; leaving you with his inside knowledge of what each car stands for, as both a brand and an important piece of automotive history. Brian Tanti’s Workshop covers motoring in a unique way from the perspective that only Brian Tanti can bring; as a coachbuilder, respected classic car restorer, and consultant.

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Brian Tanti is an internationally respected restorer and coachbuilder who is widely regarded as a leading voice in the car industry. As a experienced restorer, Brian is a co-presenter of Discovery Channel TV series Car Chronicles.

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