FR-1 (Fund Raiser One) Build

The FR-1 concept car program has grown from Australia’s local automotive industry and represents a cross-section of the automotive manufacturing and service repair industries. The FR-1 program received the active support of 90 separate stakeholders across a wide spectrum of Commonwealth Research Centres, plus the Aerospace and Automotive industries.
The program has delivered inspiring, concept car based education programs to young Australians and, upon completion, will be raffled or auctioned to support three children’s charities, as well as a children’s cancer research centre.

Our program has the capacity to strengthen the engagement of young people with applied learning programs. Importantly, it further clarifies and supports their future career pathway aspirations and positively shapes their working lives. This was achieved through the Careers in Manufacturing Program and our own school visitation programs commission by AHF. We processed thousands of children through our Docklands studio and the 2015 National Gallery of Victoria exhibition, ‘Shifting Gear.’

Our goal is to provide a unique and engaging cooperative learning R&D environment through the context of the build. We also aim to partner with industry and trial new and emerging manufacturing and design protocols and, though an educational forum, deliver rich engineering and design experiences.

In 2009 the FR-1 program offered a fresh approach to design, engineering, education, and technology transfer practices, by fusing science and technology theory, with practical and highly skilled design, engineering, artisans and technologist.

Now we wish to pick up the program where we left it in 2011, and resume our desire to complete the vehicle. Then, through the sale and raffle, channel the proceeds into the charities we wish to support.



Program Objectives

1.Carry out and facilitate technology diffusion with industry while conducting research in relation to automotive design and technology;

2.Train students and foster career development opportunities in the automotive industry;

3.Conduct fundraising in connection with other organisations and charities that will assist in the attainment of their objectives.

FR-1 Project Ep1: Concept Design Presentation – Created by GM-Holden Design (Robert Walker)
FR-1 Project Ep2: FR-1 Project Ep2: Carbon Fibre Program (VCAMM / Autohorizon Foundation)