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2018 Sponsorship and Advertising opportunities are now available.

Brian Tanti’s workshop provides an audience interested in all things motoring.  The collectors, the enthusiasts, the car clubs, the professional and backyard restorers.

The site provides unique industry content presented by one of Australia’s leading automotive voices.

We individually tailor exposure that works for your brand.  These opportunities include:

  • Workshop Sponsorships
  • Product and brand endorsement
  • Product review and promotion
  • Brand ambassadorships
  • Commercials both TV and published media
  • Speaking engagements

There is also the opportunity to conduct personal workshop experiences for your team or corporate clients hosted by Brian in the Docklands Workshop; the perfect one off experience for VIP’s or team building events. During these unique tours, Brian provides a hands on behind the scenes overview and tour of the facility and showcases some of the current projects featured on the site and underway in the workshop at the time.

For all media, advertising and sponsorship enquiries, please contact Kerrie Lynn at, Advertise with Brian or Brian at Brian Tanti’s Workshop



Brian Tanti's Workshop
Brian Tanti is an internationally respected restorer and coachbuilder who is widely regarded as a leading voice in the car industry. As a experienced restorer, Brian is a co-presenter of Discovery Channel TV series Car Chronicles.

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