The highlight of our time in Germany was our visit to Autostadt (German for Automobile City). We travelled for an hour from Berlin Spandel Railway Station to Wolfsburg, where we the guests of Audi. We were picked up at the railway station and driven to the Autostadt location. The first thing that struck me was the scale of the ‘auto city’’ attraction; think of a theme park for car enthusiast where you have points of interest to visit, spread out over a large footprint of real estate.

Autostadt is adjacent to the VW factory in Wolfsburg and features a museum, plus a series of pavillions for the associated VW principal brands. Autostadt has a customer centre where customers can pick up new cars and take a tour through the enormous factory. Our travel guide told us that around 5,000  people visit every day (they’ve just clocked 30 million visitors!) For those lucky enough to visit, here is what they can expect to see: a unique blend of great architecture and open grounds, with an extensive use of water and vegetation between pavilions. Some of the landmark architectural features include a main building with the largest glass doors in the world and two 60 metre glass car storage silos connected to the main factory by a seven hundred metre underground tunnel.

It’s a world class car museum with a rich variety of historically significant veteran, vintage, and classic vehicles. Autostadt has an interactive centre where schools and other visitors can engage in a number of activities, including making their own pizzas in the family restaurant, or driving human propelled mobility devices designed by the engineering and design departments. The same interactive centre has a space where children can sit for an interactive drivers’ licence, or even design their own cars.

We hope you like our photos and you’ll enjoy much more from our next video episode!