We arrived in Berlin to visit friends and catch up with some of the internationally renowned classic car destinations. Our first visit was to the ‘Classic Remiss’ Centre in Berlin. Formally known as Meilandwerk, it first  opened in 2002. Classic Remiss is housed in an old tram shed, which was built in imperial times. The building has a great ambience; making it the perfect location to house heritage vehicles. It also features a self-sustaining classic car  eco system.

Classic Remiss appears to look and feel like a museum. However, the management is quick to point out that it is not.  The centre has many vintage and classic cars. It also has a well-appointed restaurant so visitors can dine, or have a coffee once you’ve had your far share of viewing the cars on display and for sale.  Classic Remiss also has the capacity to host major events and corporate functions. I spent time talking to the centre management group who run the Classic Remiss like a shopping centre. (More on this facility in our video overview.)