For years I wanted to attend the Goodwood Revival. It enjoys that rare combination of spectacular cars, colourful visitors and race goers in period dress. Goodwood also has a well-documented history for the role it played in the defence of Britain in the second world war.

Having arrived at Goodwood it was then a question of planning what we were going to wear. Goodwood Revival has a suggested (but not imposed) dress code of period fashion from the 1940’s through to the late 60’s.

Fortunately for Kerrie and I, most of the surrounding villages and towns had more than a few well-stocked second hand clothing stores to help with our Goodwood event alter egos. For me it was a simple choice; full size coveralls, a tweed cap followed by the cravat if the weather permitted.

Saturday was overcast and raining, but both Friday and Sunday were great days to be out and about. There were so many high lights it’s hard to single out a few for the photo gallery section, but you will see and hear more from our video review.

It was great to see one of two surviving Lancaster Bombers, flanked by a Hurricane and Spitfire, doing low level sweeps of the circuit and airstrip. It was also great to interact with the crowds who got into the spirit of the event. Some I spoke to could take or leave the cars and motor racing. To them it was all about being dressing up in period clothes and ‘people watching.’

For those that were there for the motorsport there was plenty of wheel-to-wheel racing with hundreds of rare and priceless cars, driven by champions past and present.  Kerrie and I spent time talking to people who were happy to spend time in the forward car parks looking and talking to owners who had for no other reason come along to just picnic with friends and enjoy the surrounding fellow classics. There were so many great moments it’s hard to single out a few here for you. You will just have to watch our videos..enjoy!