After taking some time to rest from our trip we made our way down to the Peterson Museum in down-town L.A. The Petersen Museum recently underwent a year-long refurbishment to modernise and refresh. The refurbishment (completed in December 2015) has really paid off.

The Museum features a 90s exhibition layout and styling, modernised with the latest audio visual and multimedia interactive technology. It makes the Peterson one of the best museums of its kind in the world. It currently hosts 500,000 visitors per year. The Peterson Museum is widely known for its celebration and interpretation of the L.A and American car culture.

There are four floors; all filled with cars and displays that help interpret the car, and its influence in Los Angeles and American Culture.

The Petersen’s most prized car is the Steve McQueen XK SS D-type Jaguar. But the entire museum featured other fascinating cars that equally told a story in their own right. There were many stand out cars, but I really liked the way the museum presented the cars with good lighting and themed galleries. On the top floor the Petersen had a fully modernised class room with the latest interactive visualisation and learning resources, to help deliver their education and visitor programs. We recorded an interview with the Museum Curator Leslie Kendal who talked us through the cars, as well as the museum’s history.