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Goodwood Revival 2016

For years I wanted to attend the Goodwood Revival. It enjoys that rare combination of spectacular cars, colourful visitors and race goers in period dress. Goodwood also has a well-documented history for the role it played in the defence of Britain in the second world...


The highlight of our time in Germany was our visit to Autostadt (German for Automobile City). We travelled for an hour from Berlin Spandel Railway Station to Wolfsburg, where we the guests of Audi. We were picked up at the railway station and driven to the Autostadt...


We arrived in Berlin to visit friends and catch up with some of the internationally renowned classic car destinations. Our first visit was to the ‘Classic Remiss’ Centre in Berlin. Formally known as Meilandwerk, it first  opened in 2002. Classic Remiss is housed in an...

Return to L.A and Petersen Museum

After taking some time to rest from our trip we made our way down to the Peterson Museum in down-town L.A. The Petersen Museum recently underwent a year-long refurbishment to modernise and refresh. The refurbishment (completed in December 2015) has really paid off....

Bidding a fond farewell to ‘Monterey Auto Week’

Bidding a fond farewell to ‘Monterey Auto Week’, we drove north, taking advantage of a three-day open house, featuring one of the finest restoration facilities on the West Coast. Motoring enthusiast and car salesman Bruce Canepa owns a 77,000 square foot facility that...

Santa Barbara’s Hippy Car culture.

Our next journey involved driving south back through Monterey and towards the Pacific Coast Highway through some breathtaking coast line down to Santa Barbara. Taking a well-earned day off, we hired some beach cruisers and rode along the beach to the central pier....

Monterey Car Week and Pebble Beach 2016 – Photo Diary

We’ve spent a lot of time planning the best way to use our limited time of seven days of auto festivities and while that sounds like a fantastic ‘problem’ to have, it is a tough decision! The fact that there are so many interesting programs and events going on at...

Monterey Car Week Part 1 – Photo Diary

Shortly after arriving on the West Coast we jumped into our hire car and hit the road; driving north from Santa Monica to Monterey, on the world famous Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). Our hire car of choice, to accompany us north on our California leg is the iconic V8 Mustang Convertible.

Urban Auto Culture Part 1

I love the inner city because it’s dense, vibrant and ever-changing. For me, automobiles are an important part of that urban landscape and one of the reasons why I love to photograph it.

It’s been said that when we’re travelling through a familiar environment, much of what we experience is based on memory. Our brains rely on our previous experience of static objects like buildings, roads, roundabouts, and trees to free up more processing power. This helps us better focus on the dynamic flow of people and vehicles.

Porsche 550 Spyder #0056 & Replica

In the early 1990s I was responsible for the restoration of the only 550 Spyder (Chassis # 0056) to ever come to Australia as a new car in the mid 1950’s. The restoration of #0056 gave me an appreciation of the car and, at the same time, valuable knowledge of every aspect of the construction methodology.

‘Hitting the Road’ Pebble Beach to Goodwood


It’s an exciting couple of months for Brian and the team at . August and September will see us travelling to the US to review Concours de Elegance at Pebble Beach, the racing at Monterey and interviewing a host of top experts.

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